Industries / Sectors

Who do I speak with and who will I liaise with?

Feel free to approach us and speak with our account servicing staff.
You will also get to liaise directly with the lead designer assigned to your project.

Project lead designer - do I have access to him?

Yes, you will have access to the lead designer as he/she will be your main point of contact for your project, backed by the team members.

The creative brief, how do I prepare an effective brief?

An effective creative brief starts us all off in the right direction. We have prepared a guide for you to help us understand your requirements and requests better. Click on Request to receive a copy from us, or alternatively, our account servicing staff will be happy to go through it with you in person.

Deadline and timelines, what do I need to cater for?

On the average, most projects take a month or two to complete, depending on their complexities (and urgency). Do let us know when you want it and we will work back the timelines and advise you the various checkpoints to cater for.

Preparation of Materials

How shall I prepare my materials for submission?

We usually need text files (eg. MS Word) from you, and your high resolution images. Do advise your pagination/sitemap, followed by a folder each for every section/topic. And within each of these folders, please include your text file, and your images (in an image folder) so that we can easily identify and relate them. Please DO NOT embed your high resolution image files into your WORD file (it will slow process down besides the possible loss in resolution). But reference thumbnails (with captions) are helpful.

What are the preferred file formats? What about hardcopies?

WORD.doc files for text, and JPG/JPEG files for high resolution images.
Depending on usage and enlargement, a high resolution image file (at 300dpi) should average 2MB each.

For hardcopies up to A4 size,
we can help you scan and retouch them to the best of our ability as it depends on the inherent quality of the source image/document due to its halftones.

Should I use the photographer, or stock images?

Depending on the context, calling for a photoshoot is ideal if customizing or authenticity is preferred.
If not, we can offer you the usage of our royalty-free images, or the purchase of professional rights-managed stock library pictures.

Production schedule - must I follow strictly to it?

You are strongly encouraged to follow the schedule that we will be working out for you (if you want us to meet your delivery deadline). We will also pace you so as to keep a comfortable progression. This will in turn allow both parties sufficient time to vet through the final, prior to your approval for production.

The Design Process

What should i expect? Initial drafts, visuals, mock-ups?

Do note that there will be slight differences in colour when viewing (PDFs, JPEGs) from different monitor types (CRT, LCD etc); in resolution when printing from different printers (inkjet, laser, plotter, and colour copiers) for drafts, visuals and/or mock-ups; and in inking when it comes to Digital Colour Proofing and Offset Printing. Slight colour variation will also occur when it is printed on uncoated or recycled paper etc. Nevertheless, we will advise you on the tolerance level prior to actual production.

What must I try to avoid? What should I do?

While you may have your own ideas, avoid prescribing solutions. After all, you are engaging professional help. Thus, just point us the direction. Do ask for inputs from our creative team, hear out professional opinions, we will be glad to show you our recommendations (with rationales) and the right direction to go. But you will still have the final decision.

White spaces - what are they? What do they do?

Often referred to as negative space, it is that portion(s) of a page layout that is intentionally (and professionally) left untreated, ie. blank. An important element of design, it provides aesthetic breathing space(s) between text and/or graphics, as opposed to a busy, cluttered layout that is hard to read.

Lorem ipsum - it's all Greek to me!

It’s simply – dummy text! Lorem ipsum text acts as a temporary placeholder for text layouts. Meaningless and nonsensical, this Latin text is used so as to help you focus on the visual presentation style rather than the matter itself. Also referred to as greeking, it is not meant to be readable, for “it’s all Greek to me”.

Crop marks, bleed, trim and text areas - what are these?

Usually marked at the four corners of a page, Crop Marks are to indicate where the paper is to be cut after printing, to its actual (Trim) size. Bleeding (extending image or background beyond the crop marks) is required if such an image or background is to run (Bleed) beyond the edge of the sheet after trimming (ie. borderless). Text area refers to the “safe” area within where text can be easily read after the pages are binded into a book (especially near the gutter when using Perfect Bind).

What kind of binding and finishing options do I have?

Various. There is the usual Saddle Stitch (aka stapling), the common Perfect Bind, the preferred Notch Bind, and the stronger Threadsewn, along with Flexi and Hard Casebound etc. Finishing options can be combinations of Lamination, Die-cutting, Spot UV, Blind Embossing, etc. Do enquire as we have samples to show you.

What is the colour proof for? Where should I sign-off?

An accurate full colour rendition of the final approved artwork that is to be printed, Colour Proof is the guide the machine/print operator will be using to match and achieve the desired print colour. Produced as part of the Preflight and Prepress process, the Colour Proof is also used as the benchmark for Client’s Press Checks. Your sign-offs are required on the Colour Proofs prior to printing (and also on the initial print sheets when conducting a Press Check).

Upon Completion

How and when do I pay when the items are delivered?

Payment is usually by local cheque, crossed and made payable to “Graphic Masters & Advertising Pte Ltd”. Depending on the project size, we may require a deposit on job commissioning, progressive payments, or on COD term. We do offer credit terms to our retaining clients. And as we are Singapore GST (Goods and Services Tax) registered, GST is thus chargeable at the prevailing rate of 7%. GST is chargeable at 0% (zero-rated) for our International clients.

Who owns the rights to the finished work and materials?

We will supply you with the final PDF files (if requested) on completion of your project. Upon final payment, all usage rights are transferred to the client (unless otherwise understood or agreed, eg. usage of Stock Library photos etc). All materials submitted to us shall be returned (on request), or discarded six months after project delivery.