If you constantly surf the web, surely, you have come across some infographics. Many internet users find infographics to be an educational, useful and entertaining tool. As a result, a lot of businesses are taking advantage of this outstanding trend to promote their products, services and brands. With an effective infographic design, it is possible to drive traffic to your business website, establish credibility and authority in your niche and increase social media marketing results.

effective infographic design

From 2010 to 2012, infographic search volumes increased over 800%. Hence, the demand for infographic design soars high. But, what exactly are infographics and why should your business use them?

What is an infographic?

In the simplest explanation, an infographic is a graphic visual representation of data, information or knowledge designed to present complicated information in a clear and simple manner. You can use an infographic to represent any sort of information and to tell valuable stories. In other words, an infographic gathers data, organises it and convert this information into an easy to understand visual content. You can easily convey any complex information into a visually appealing content.

Benefits Of Using Infographic

Many studies found that 90 percent of the information that we can recall is based on visual impact. For businesses, sharing information about their brands through infographics is a clever way to catch the interest of their audience and minimise the chance of boring them with mere text content. Here are the notable benefits of using infographics:

best infographic design

  • Infographics are undeniably more eye-catching compared to printed words. Since they usually combine images, movement, colours and brief content that naturally draw the eye, people will likely spend more time checking the infographic than reading long text.
  • An effective infographic design can be used to reinforce a brand for the obvious reason that it is visually attractive. If you share an infographic with consistent colours, shapes and interesting content along with your logo, you get a powerful way of brand awareness.
  • Infographics can be shared easily around the web. An infographic published on a blog or website usually comes with an embed code and this code allows an automatic link from the original site to yours. In addition, infographics are likewise shareable over social networks and have a higher chance of becoming viral than plain text.
  • An aesthetically pleasing and well-designed infographic can effortlessly drive people to your business website considering that they are more likely to be “clicked” and “shared” around. Moreover, this infographic of yours can help with Google”™s “Page Rank” algorithm, which is crucial for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
  • Sharing an infographic is a fun and engaging way to promote your business while creating a unique connection between the visitors and your site or to the website that featured your infographic.

A successful infographic design must be:

share infographic design

  • Unique. There are thousands of infographics that look almost the same over the web, and consumers will less likely to engage with an infographic if it has a similar appearance to the others that they”™ve seen.
  • Simple. The trick to creating a highly effective infographic is to make it visually attractive whilst keeping it modest and not overly populated with information.
  • Creatively done. This is where the overall design comes into play. At first sight, the design should already capture the attention of the reader.
  • Packed with minimal text. The whole point of an infographic is to make use of a visual medium to attract an audience and eventually create a buzz over the web and gain some interaction.
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