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Have you ever look at someone in a business suit with briefcase and you mind automatically pop out “business man”?Someone wearing black rimmed glasses, large headphones, graphic tee and sneakerand you confirm that person 90% works at a graphic design company. This is what people call stereotyping. All the different occupation would have some kind of common stereotyping which might be true or false. So, here are 3 common traits which you can find in (almost all) graphic designer.


One of the most important traits for a graphic designer is empathy. Without empathy, designer would not understand how the users think and this would affect the graphic design they present. It is especially important to know what the clients wants and how the target audiences would feel towards the design and with understanding what they want, the designer can create the design that the client would be satisfied with yet grabbing the attention of the target.

To have a satisfied clients or effective design, designer have to firstly understand what the client needs, wants and how they feel about it.


sharp eyes designer
Graphic designers have a very sharps eyes that can see all the little details and differences which people normally are unable to see. The hair thin difference between the right and left spacing of a text in an infographic design or the roundness of the eyeball of a character will never escape from the designer eyes. Designers will pay extreme attention to the little details for their work even if it takes hours for them to get it perfect.

Maintaining the consistency of the design is also a part of meticulous. Keeping everything consistent with the theme of the website throughout the design like if the font used match with the color theme, if all the webpages are using the same fonts or if the layout of the website is similar. This are the small details that makes the website looks perfect.


Information graphic designer
Designer are good at connecting things together and make it look as if they are mean to be together. They are also able to changes those boring report data into something out of the world where people would be attracted to find out more information.

Every company must have an annual report which have the similar typical company logo at the header, rectangle bar graph, circle pie chart and etc. But a designer can add the details of the industry your company work into your annual report design to make it more attractive and interesting.

Annual report for a donut shop? The pie chart for the flavor of donuts turn into a donut made up of different flavors. New website design for an ice cream shop? Little details of the ice cream shop like the pink corner could be found in the website.

Designer have a unique ability that they are able to combine 2 different things together to make them into one. They are also able to change those complex statistical data into visual data like an infographic to allow others to understand the data better and easier.

Do you have any graphic designer friends around that has the exact same traits listed above?

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